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"couldn't afford a 3?"

nah, nah man, them 328's are so much more expensive, being the most overproduced bmw in the world. they're so scarce you can nary get a look at them on the lots but once a ... minute.

3 weeks into owning my sti--unrelated to a point--i'm in a drive-thru and..
"your car is slow"
me: "pardon?"
"your car is slow. my friend's cobra is way faster"
me: "and you drive?"
"well, my friend's cobra is way faster."
me: "and you drive?"
"man, your car can't beat my friend's cobra"
me: "give me my food and stop talking about other peoples' cars. that's just sad."

the whole "my friend's car" schtick is the most pathetic thing i've ever experienced.