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Originally Posted by Denso View Post
Mine is on back order from BMW. What are your thoughts now that you have had the midpipe on for a week or so ?
Well worth it for the price mate, on start up the tone is deeper for sure, also once the revs settle it is deeper.....

My mate who is a tech helped me fit (also the braided brake lines) took it for a good run while I hung back, well worth getting someone to do the same as the note from outside is totally different to what you hear from the inside, also the vids shown don't actually replicate, he had some popping on gear changes and the note is loud on WOT, not what you expect from a oem system, also the improvement in back pressure appears to have improved the throttle response with the M off but it's not a massive difference but for the price I wont knock it, as for the drone, its made a nice improvement all round.....My misses has even noted it on start up and giving it some beans.

Next the H&S custom axle back to finish it off and that will do me as I have no plans to remove the main cats unless someone does 200cell sports cat downpipe replacement.