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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Did you have drone before? What happened after the switch?

Could you also comment is there a noticable improvement in throttle response, especially if you are not on M mode?

How about the upper regime, 5500 to 7000, did you notice improvement there?

Sorry too many questions but you seem to have one of the few who put the MD on an otherwise stock 1M.

The noise in your video is perfect for me, for sure there is some hp and torque gains too which is welcome. But what I want to really "tune" is the drone just a bit down (mine is quite loud in between 2000 to almost 3000) and have a better/quicker responding throttle in non-M mode.
Drone is better, but still there around 2,200rpm. I only had the car 3 days before switching the mids, so can't really compare to stock. The dyno showed good numbers though, but I did the change primarily for the sound.