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Guy in a Ford XR6 Falcon (V6 "Sport" Family Saloon) parks beside me at the Archery Range...

Ford-guy: (Notices the CF bits and general agressive look of my car) "Looks nice but what's it got? A 1.8?
Me: "No." (Walks away)

Guy with Twin Turbo Supra who I've just smoked off the last 2 sets of lights (Without Speeding - just hard acceleration)

At the 3rd red light: "How the F*** did you do that???"
Me: "Lucky..."

And of course the usual "Is that an M3?" ... "Why didn't you get a 3 Series?" ... "My V8 Commodore could smoke that and it cost 1/3 as much." More times that I can count...

PS: a Commodore is basically a Pontiac G8 (apparently) and is the redneck car of choice down here...

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