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Originally Posted by JK135i View Post
My friend Josh went to the street culture thing last friday and he said it was pretty awesome. However, I looked at their website and can't seem to figure out when the next event is. can anyone shed some light on this for me...

I'm not sure when the next Street Culture event/car show is. I think now every Friday at the XXXL lot. Or maybe in two weeks then every Friday. I would keep checking on their FB page.

I was there. It was a ZOO!! Sooooo many people there and cars!! I'd say there was at least 8K ppl there with probably 1K cars. Took me over an hour to get in (walking in)to the show. The five story garage was FULL and they had a band there and some food snack trucks. Then when I was about to leave Oli tells me lets go downstairs in the "other" underground garage... and I was like umm... "other garage"!?!? I have been to this show three times before... I never knew there was a 2nd garage under the XXXL building!! lol

It was a great car show. So many tuned cars there. Something for every taste. I will post my pics in a day or two. Even saw a black 1M with German tags.

I found these pic on Street Culture's facebook page...