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unmarked police suv comment...."nice little car"

there is a long off ramp .The ramp has two lanes and a large radius. It is possible to reach 50 or 60 mph around this ramp. I take this road daily. On one occasion, after following an Acura and passing a Suburban which was probably doing 50 itself, I signaled to get back to the right lane, at the end of the ramp. I changed lanes in front of the Suburban, thinking " man that SUV is hauling around this turn, he should have been way behind me by now". At the end of the ramp, there is a stop sign. I slowed and shifted to 2nd and looked back over my right shoulder to check for traffic at the merge, at barely a crawl. The position of the stop sign is such that you have to pass it by 20-30 feet before you can actually check for traffic. Next thing I know, lights blazing in my rear view mirror. After the usual 5-10 minutes of a license check and respectfully condescending treatment. I am let off with a warning to the effect of "Thats a nice little car. Why would you want to thrash it around like that?"
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