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DBC Performance! (San Antonio)

If you're looking for a place to get work done to your 1er in SA, especially performance mods, you've got to check out DBC Performance. After looking all over town for someone to install coil-overs, and finding most shops reluctant to install customer-supplied parts and/or hesitant to deal with aftermarket parts, I stumbled upon DBC. They are a very professional, competent shop more well known in VW/Audi/Porsche circles (I believe they also run a mail order business for VAG performance parts), but they do have a BMW-certefied tech on staff (as well as a Porsche-certified tech and maybe others). They've also got great service and prices.

After waiting the better part of a week for the local Bimmer shop to put together a quote (which never materialized) I contacted Berk at DBC by email. It was more or less a shot in the dark. In less than 15 minutes, he had responded with a VERY competitive out the door price (less than half of the Bimmer place's "rough estimate"). I asked when I could bring it in, and he told me he could get me in two business days later. He assured me if I dropped the car off by 9 it would be ready for pick up by 6 (the other shop thought it would take 2 days). It was easier for me to drop off the car the night before, which he said was no problem - they of course parked the car inside overnight.

After I dropped the car off, I realized I had forgotten to talk to anyone about ride height or alignment specs - so I shot Berk an email, and he responded within an hour (well after his shop had closed), answered my questions, and promised to call in the morning.

The next morning he gave me a call, put me on the phone with one of his techs, and we talked about my expectations, usage of the car, etc.

When I came in to pick up the car, Berk greeted me warmly and told me from memory all about the alignment settings they had come up with, as well as things about ride height and damper adjustment. It seemed like he had been personally involved with the car, and certainly like he genuinely cared about doing a great job. When he gave me the invoice, there were no surprises - the price was exactly what we had agreed upon. And he offered to perform any adjustments to the suspension as needed. DBC will definitely be my 1st choice in San Antonio for any out-of-warranty work that I can't perform myself.

Overall, it was a pretty great experience. I definitely felt like I was leaving my car in competent hands, and with guys who were real car enthusiasts. The cost was really just the icing on the cake.

FYI, Berk told me they'll work on any German or Italian car, any vintage (he specifically mentioned no Swedish cars, go figure). When I dropped off my car, there was a Mexican family dropping off a Seat Leon Cupra! Techinically a Spanish marque, but a VAG product.

And no, I have no affiliation with Berk or DBC. I just want to spread the word when someone gets it right - it's good karma, and too often we only hear negative reviews.
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