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Originally Posted by titleistforged View Post
Do you have any pro-tips as to how you installed the lights? I'm about to go ahead and buy the Depo's myself. I saw from another thread that some guy was able to keep his bumper on, and if I could do that I would.

Plus, I don't mind going all halogen/stock lights that Depos come with for now. I just want to have the AE look, even if its yellow.
I followed the DIYs that can be found on this site. I didn't find the install hard by any means. But, I'm certainly no stranger to taking cars apart, either. I removed the bumper completely, and frankly, it only takes about 5-10 minutes to get it off so I don't know why you wouldn't just go ahead a remove it and make the whole process easier. I was able to get the bumper on/off without any help without a problem.

Originally Posted by titleistforged View Post
You might have answered this, but where did you buy the lights again? I found a few sellers on eBay that are selling for 340/free shipping, and was wondering if you went that route.
I picked up the lights from **********, though there are several vendors that sell them.
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