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Adaptive headlights after LED halos upgrade not working correctly

I'm getting very paranoid after reading all the broken adaptive headlights after the LED upgrade so I decided to check my lights a few days after the install.

I tested the adaptive lights by facing the car against a wall so I can see the lights moving. When I turn the steering wheel to the right, the lights move to the right but when I turn the steering wheel to the left, the lights don't move. Please correct me if I'm wrong but to my recollection, no matter which way the steering wheel is turned, the lights follow?

Anyways, any info on this would help. Plus I remember reading a thread with pictures of a member attaching their LED ballasts with velcro or double sided tape to the plastic headlight caps but cannot find the thread again. Does anyone know what that thread was called or can provide a link to it? As you can probably guess, I didn't use this method and now I'm thinking I should have.

Mine's an 08 135.

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