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Happened again today at the gas station.

Attendant: Why didn't you get a 3-series instead of the base model car?"
Me: Because the 3-series is bigger and heavier with the same engine.
Attendant: Oh, I didn't know the base models had the M3 engine, too.
Me: They don't.
Attendant: I thought you said your car has the same engine as the 3-series.
Me: I did, but the 3-series consists of more than just the M3.
Attendant: Oh.

I left it at that, because the guy clearly didn't know what he was talking about.

Oh, and another douchebag conversation I recently had!! A guy with a '12 128i convertible saw me getting out of my car in a parking lot and he parked next to me. When he got out he asked me how many miles I have on the car so far. 56,000 miles, I told him. He seemed shocked and questioned how in the world I put that many miles on the car in only a few months. I let him know that the car will be four years old this June. He seemed genuinely confused and then commented that he thought the 1-series was a new car for 2012 and the salesman told him the same thing. All I said was, "Nope," and then I walked away.
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