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Originally Posted by Greenkirby21 View Post
at a gas station this guy in a 328i came up to me and asked me how to open the fuel tank cover. He was looking inside his car for a release switch. I walked over and told him it was magic and opened it. He came back around his car amazed and I just joked and told him you just press the cap and it opens xD.

his car was brand new xD. guy was nice(he was older gentleman) and we had a good laugh.
Haha. I bought my 135i a week ago and when driving home 600 away I had to stop for gas. I was in a shady area and locked the car getting out before filling up. didnt need to put gas in until that point. walked around and it would open. sat there, called bmw of america and felt like an idiot! haha. good times... (unlock the car dummy! DUH! lol)