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People that ask what I drive (without seeing my car) I tend to just say "1-series" without thinking.

later they see my car and go "oh.... I thought it was the girly one, but it definitely isn't"

At gas stations I always get "how much power does that have?

I say, I'm putting about 400hp to the wheels

they go " :O no way... I didn't expect that!!!"

one time I was talking to some girl on the phone about me getting a new car, her dad was asking her in the background what I got, so I told her a 135. and I hear him in the background, "they don't make a 1 series, he must me a 3 series" she then says to me "he thinks you mean a 3 series" I then reply, "I'm glad I know what car I drive... anyways, just humour him and don't correct him, he's old, so he must be right"