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Originally Posted by ianf View Post
Sure, I am sure they can just whip up a pair of resonators

Why spend big $ on a vehicle and then 'dress' it on-the-cheap ?

The shape of the pipes is different to the stock mids too, if I re-call it gets rid of a kink and perhaps wider diameter?
That's the info I was looking for. If it was just the cat deletes or if there was an actual difference in piping and better overall perfomance.

there are hundreds of different makes and models of resonators shops can put in. Many are not that expensive, either. One, for example, is Magnaflows magnapack resonators. straight through, perforated, lfetime warranty. not "cheaping down" or "dressing up" anything really. So is the same mindset go for cheap honda drivers who sepnt 500 on their car and spend 10k on a full race turbo kit, exhaust, and fully buit motors? lol.

Everyone has different outlook on what their cost/benefit ratio is. Not everyone cares to just waste money on something that wont do much and something no one will ever see. to each their own. we all cant follow the norm otherwise all of our cars would like and sound the same.