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Big whoop. Ridiculous price

That HP figure is quoted at the crank too. GIAC's stage two 1M tune is putting down a little over 400 WHP on stock turbos which if you take into account the driveline loss of .15, that would be roughly 470HP. There is also no mention of IAT's, etc.

A car could be built that is much better for far less.

BBS FI with Michelin PSS: $9500
Akrapovic Evolution exhaust w/downpipes: $8500
Stoptech Trophy fit: $8000
Slek Front Lip: $1200
Motons: $6000
Recaros: $4000

$37,200 + throw in $3,000 for labor, and you have a better car for $40,000.

I really don't see why this is front page worthy unless the mods are just trying to show how much gall this company has.