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The 250kp/h limit is a voluntary limit most of the german manufacturers have agreed upon. So, in theory a stock Audi A6 Diesel would be as fast as an M3 without the M3s restriction having been increased (you can order a "drivers package" in Germany and part of that is an increase of the speed limit of any M, with the exception of the 1M). Since BMW Germany doubts, that german M customers like the idea of being muscled by stock diesels, the limits on all Ms are raised slightly above the 250kp/h. Without the drivers package all the Ms I had so far (M346, M392, M182) were able to run 270kp/h (GPS measured). The two M3s close to 300 after their limit was increased. So nothing unusual. The 1M has a really hard time hitting the 270 though... I would assume that it simply creates too much aerodynamic drag. I personally don't care. I'll take downforce over topspeed any day.
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