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If you guys are looking for just a slightly better deal on the existing MadDad midpipe I would put the inquiry in with HP Autowerks. They may be willing to offer a 'slight' discount with a minimum number of deposited orders, but that would be up to them.

To give a little more background on the midpipe topic, let me take you back to when we first created the MadDad midpipe. There is a reason we made our own resontors for this product. It was two-fold. One, we introduced the pipe when when the N54 was the only engine and therefore you had the secondary cats in the midpipe. We wanted to create a pipe that on quick glace had a look very similiar to the OEM pipe in respect to where the OEM cats are located. So you can see our resontors have the same location and staggered layout as the OEM cats and they are approximately the same size. In essense it looks like you have secondary cats even though they are not. This is important to some U.S based customers when it comes to visual inspections. Second we needed to be able to tune the sound to the extent that we could within the limitation of the resonator size. The first pre-production version of the MadDad midpipe was not the one we went to production with. I wasn't totally happy with the tone quality of it, so we made some changes to the baffles in the resontors and ironed out the wrinkles. I mention this because yes most midpipes are very similiar, but they are definatley not the same and will positively get a different sound quality from one to the other, more so inside the cabin of the car rather than outside drive-bye's.

Final note. This part could be priced higher. It isn't because we tried to set what I felt was a very fair price for a part that has custom built resonators that are used in no other automotive part except for this very low production item. The reality is there isn't much margin to play with for GBs outside of the origonal introduction of the part a couple of years ago, but you guys should ping HP Autowerks and see if they can do anything for you. The answer may be 'No' and if it is its not because they are milking everyone. They play with a slim margin on this product. There is a reason there are very few MadDad resellers and its mostly because the box margins are not there for them. HP Autowerks tried out one of our products on their own house car and decided the fitment the sound and quality were worth it so they started to carry the line despite the lower margin. Kudos to them for that. It means they recommend products they believe in and use themselves rather than products that always give the best margin.