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Originally Posted by bdaddylo View Post
you'd be surprise at all the information you can find using the search feature.
You would be surprised at all the lack of information by using the search feature. Maybe the forum should be re-named to "don't ask any questions until you have searched through the 1 million threads of unrelated information first and spend days guessing because others do not know the answers themselves and you are stuck asking a simple question related in a thread revolving around your answer."

Oh, wait, that IS what a public forum is for. A community to help others with a related hobby or interest and guide those who need help. I forgot it also accepted the crybaby's who are un-helpful and un-willing and sit behind a CPU all day to nit-pick all the little things every single member says or does or asks. some people donít sit behind a monitor on this forum 24/7 to see every thread and know everything about a particular car. I have a life and asked a simple question. If you cannot answer it or include a thread that can answer the question with your "just search" attitude than stop posting to just bump up your post count in an effort to look like you know the answer yourself.


Now that I wasted my time typing that, I have a question for maddad since there is no phone number listed on their site for you to contact them directly.

Do you have a picture of the internals of your resonators? You said you make these. Are they straight through and perforated like magnaflows, are the louvered like the industry standard resonators for passenger cars many muffler shops use, are the chambered like others, or so you use a perforation and chamber, any packing, turbo tube, etc. I would love to see what type of build these small resonators have in them and the type of flow they allow.

Thank you.