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Originally Posted by phrenetiK View Post
my roommate has a full on show winning car 350z and a 2002 530i daily. He is trying to sell them both to buy a 2010~ 335i and he always gives me shit. He says he respects the power and the nimbleness but he says the car looks goofy compared to the 335i coupe.

funny thing is in person i actually think the 335i coupe looks goofy compared to mine. here is mine parked next to my co workers for reference. i definitely like our back end more.

do you have any idea what his plate means? never asked him if it was random characters on a custom plate which is the cheaper option than a personalized message like mine.

I certainly would have to agree with you that the 1 looks a lot better than the 3. The tail lights on the 3 do not match up well. Also the 1 appears to have cleaner lines.

What is the STAR on the License plate? I could not come up with a good explanation of your specialty plate.