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Originally Posted by sochermit View Post
I certainly would have to agree with you that the 1 looks a lot better than the 3. The tail lights on the 3 do not match up well. Also the 1 appears to have cleaner lines.

What is the STAR on the License plate? I could not come up with a good explanation of your specialty plate.
texas uses a vendor called that pump out crap tons of custom plate designs for us to use, but they are expensive. if the star had to have a meaning i guess it would be reference to texas being the lone star state.

gg nub = GG NOOB = good game noob = something you would say after raping someone in a multiplayer game.(or after making someone eat your dust in the 1 )

in a competitive environment you would just say GG for good game so it's a bit of an insult when followed by nub or noob