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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
Yes, Rick and I will be staying at Motel-One in Garching. This hotel is just off the A9 just one exit before the Alianz Arena. That is just a few klicks before the autobahn ends up in the city. Nick the Alianz Arena is also where that big factory dealership( four floors) we went to last year just before the car show. The thing I like about Garching is it is literally ten minute drive to the Welt. And BMW M GmbH is just down the street from the hotel. There is also a U-bahn stop behind the hotel - in case anyone wants to go into the city the night before.


I cant look at the website right now, but about how long would it take to get into the city from that U-bahn stop?

I plan on doing some sight seeing of things I missed the last time I was in Munich on friday night and saturday.