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Originally Posted by Spitfire007 View Post

I've switched out the runflats for Conti DWS, but now the car wallows all over.
If you try to push the car hard, it understeers HORRIBLY. There is a tremendous delay between a steering wheel input, vs the car actually going where I want it to.
The Conti DWSs are super smooth on bad roads. I really can go over any bump, but their on-center feel is horrid. The car feels baloony and floaty not.

I must admit on thing:
The Runflats made the car feel sharp, and VERY precise.

I guess what I'm looking for is the following:

-Get the precision feel back.

-Change the ride quality, so the car is taut, and hunkered down to the road, but WITHOUT the jarring that I used to get on expansion joints and back roads. (which is exacerbated by runflats...)

-Cure the bunny- HOP, mid turn, and on rough roads.

I drive on really bad roads, so lowering is not an option for me.

Maybe Konis will help?
When did they change to linear springs?