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Anyone dyno JB4 Map 8 yet?

Just what the title question says. Map 8 is pretty fun and interesting. No more wooshing turbo noise, much less power, but the exhaust sounds pretty crazy. I haven't confirmed if there are any actual fuel economy benefits to it because I like to gun it in map 8 anyway because it's actually really fun NOT getting to 80+ mph in mere seconds. But I'm interested in what kind of power map 8 actually puts down.

It feels faster than my sister's IS 250 (200 hp, 190 ft lbs), but then again I have an intake and catback exhaust that might be helping the engine chug along. Also, it would definitely be interesting to compare to the power the 128i makes to see if the only difference is really in the turbos or if there is more going on in there.

So yeah, any map 8 dyno graphs to share? I haven't found anything in the search, just a couple 335i guys who claim to have gotten much better fuel economy with that map. Also, I know it's probably not on most people's lists of things to do, but I can hope, can't I?

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