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Originally Posted by PADLOCK View Post
Lets take a car with lowering spring kit only and put it up against a car with height adjustment coilovers and see which car last longer, and performs better.

I sure as hell don't have to worry about busting other parts when the stock shock bottoms out because its not dialed in for the lowering spring.

Your crazy to think your doing yourself a favor by putting springs only 1st, only to have to go back in and replace the stock shocks later. Why waste and ruin a perfect OEM part when you can replace it and save it for a rainy day. ??!!
Hey bud, you got a wrong point
i didnt say lower spring will last longer and perform better than some cheap low end height adjust only coil over. Not everyone want to drop for better handling or last longer than stock. They just want to get rid of the gap so H&R or eibach spring will give that look for fraction of cost and settle in for the perfect look which the OP looking for. He didnt mention anything about tracking his car or anything and beside he want to spend a little money as possible right now. So my susgestion is get the springs and save some $ later for Koni and pair with the springs that will out come better for the $.
Why i said worthless about adjust only? We dont adjust enough to have that feature. Everyone have different taste and different size of pocket. For me i paid for the stock shock then i make them work for me until they give up then i will get some real coil over if i planning to track my car, if for look only spring and shock is good enough. Stock shock doesnt do any good in the garage. Save for rainy day? Not me. I am crazy by just swaping the spring on stock shock. Go look around and see how many people out there included M division actually go with that round instead of getting some low end as ST coil over. Yeah they make by KW but so what. Budget sometime play a roll in modding. Btw i enjoy modding my car and doing all the works. It fun and i enjoying that also i dont mind to swap out the springs or shock few times until i got the right combo i want. So am i crazy by saving some labor haha
Btw you dont have to worry about busting other parts with just lower spring only, which can go wrong? Let hear it?

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