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Originally Posted by Gnip Gnop View Post
To each their own, I prefer this look. I am going to guess there will be a few people who don't like my setup, but I love the beefy look and the smaller lip.

I agree with both you guys about the suspension issue. But right now, I can't justify spending 900 on coilovers when I can get springs for 200 ish. I had coilovers on my last 2 cars and never adjusted them once other than the initial adjustment. I felt like I wasted my money twice.
I feel you right there bud.
To all people who talkin about coil over. This is what i had on my previous M3. So i know how is the coil over compared to lower springs. But for the DD and look only springs will do the job save the dough for later. Unless you want some real bling then go with my old M3 set up


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