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hankook ventus evo v12?
Just got them on last Thursday.
I'm running stock suspension with the addition of an M3 front sway bar.
Thank you previous owner! It rocks!

I'm a working stiff. I work in an office. I go to work at 7am and am home by 7pm.
I do not drift
I do not track
I do not autocross
I do not tinker or mod

I represent the 90% of owners out there who use the car to get to and from home to; work, grocery store, gym, bar, night club, booty call, drop zone and rock gym. Yes I do drive fast to and from some of these places and yes some of these are near twisted mountain roads.

I am a mechanical engineer and a former member of SAE and thus understand RVD.

And I HATE RTF tires!
And before you talk performance stand back and take deep breath.
Are they really safer than normal ties? Does Volvo the worlds "safest" automaker utilize run flats? I think not!

So that aside, the other day I was in NYC, AKA hell for cars running RTF tires! One simple stop from 30mph across some steel covers and tunk tunk and wow will you look at that...two bubbles in the side wall.

And it was time for two new front tires.
Off the cuff I've had about 300 miles on these tires thus far.
And here is what I think and I'll keep it simple.
OMG it's the difference between running around with Nike 180 Airs Vs. running around in business shoes. For those who don't know it business shoes are not known for their comfort nor their traction. Think skiddish and chattery and you get how RTF's were on this car. Any little bump or imperfection and the OEM run flats were off doing what they do...which is nothing!

I know it's kind of hard to understand but your side wall in an integral part of your cars suspension. And those RTF tires were just not doing their job absorbing any of those little imperfections in the road. If anything they were overwhelming the suspension....again I DO NOT TRACK THIS CAR! I don't care about 00.05seconds loss in a corner!

Would I recommend these tires? In 300 miles, sun, rain 75F to 45F, 35mph to far they are very good! I would suggest them.