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Originally Posted by Mr Kleen View Post
Try this:

Or go to and search for "SPerformance" that's how I found it.
Yeah this works.. Sorry about that.

I've been slammed for over a year now. Took on an instructor job at work, I have a wife and a 6month old, and I've been doing a some odd jobs for my landlord to pay for a vacation to their island next January.

I'd love to go for a road trip but when I put my summers back on I had a cut in a front tire so now I'm rolling on some hand-me-down's that are almost bald and full of plugs. So they're only for short hauls.

I think after I get the wife a Jetta TDI then I can get back to my 1 with wheels tires brakes and possibly Nitrous with my custom "N.A.N.O." system I want to try out.

So yes this is a vinyl shop. I think Marcel (the owner) was smart to start small with limited liability. He's just waiting to build a customer base and find out what they want so he branches out in the right direction. This guy did his mechanics school at Ferrari and he drives a 9 second 2.0L STI. He has a spray-booth and hydraulic lift in his garage! So there will be plenty more things down the road but for now if you want some good vinyl or tint done well and inexpensive then swing by. If you let me know your coming we can talk BMW's while your there.

And yes he can do full wraps. Just please don't be like some of the first people seeking qoutes and expect it to be cost effective to wrap a 1994 renault twingo. (I had to read the email to believe the guy) A Small easy car with basic wrap would start around 1,000 euro.