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Originally Posted by sharkatron View Post
And here I was 2 clicks away from buying the BT tool! Some very useful information. Just one thing though, if I intend to change my oil more frequently, can I enter manually a shorter amount of Kms prior to having the indicator go off? For example, instead of the indicator going off after 15000Kms, can I set it to say, 7500Kms?

Not with resetting the oil service lights via the BC. But I think with the BT tool you can. There is an adjustment tab/button in the BT menu... (see photo bellow - far right tab)

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Sorry for the lousy photo. The reason I was just looking at the Condition Based Service (CBS) menu (w/my BT software) was I was curious IF the car knows when someone changes the oil but doesn't reset the CBS lights. I have read that the electronic dip stick also has a sensor for oil quality. Well.. the computer does NOT know. At least with the BT when looking at the CBS menu... it still showed an oil change coming soon. Even though I had fresh oil in the engine.

What I would do is just change the oil more often... and not reset the lights while your car is under the warranty. Then later when the car goes out of the free maintanence, you can use this DIY to reset your CBS lights.