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Updating Your CIC Navigation Reasonably

Normally, for those of us with CIC navigation systems, this is a relatively expensive and time-consuming process. Usually costing around $400, and taking 3 hours to complete.

Who has time for that? Not me.

Updating Your CIC Navigation Reasonably

Things you'll need
  • A laptop (possibly)
  • 1 (2 if you want the process to take less time) 16gb USB flash sticks
  • The 2012 CIC Professional maps DVDs or a torrent of them
  • A BMW FSC authorization code

As for the DVDs, you can buy them from a local dealer, or from this dealer online

Those should be the right discs, although I didn't use them.

I spent a few days getting the following torrent to use instead:

As far as the FSC code, BMW usually wants you to pay around $300 to get one from a dealer, but you can contact ***************** and paypal him 60 Euros (roughly $81 on the day I did it) and send him your VIN, and he'll email you your code. The code is tied to your VIN, so you can't use someone else's code.

Having saved hundreds of dollars on our FSC code already, we now want to do this update is a reasonable amount of time. If you bought the DVDs, you can put them in your computer to get access to the files. If you got the torrent, you'll see all the DVD images like below:

Which you can mount on your computer to see the same files as if you had inserted a physical DVD:

Now, the idea is to make three folders on either your laptop, or desktop, computer, one for each disc contents, and a text file to remember what your FSC code is; such as below:

Then being the process of copying all the disc contents to their respective folders:

With all the update files on your computer, you can now put the contents of the disc 1 folder on your USB flash drive and go out to your car. Once there, simply plug the USB stick into the glove box USB port, and turn the ignition on (but you don't need to start the engine).

The CIC system will recognize the update files, and prompt you as such:

Click "Start Update", and then enter your FSC code on the next screen:

With the correct code entered, the car will begin copying the files over to the internal hard drive. This takes roughly 15 or so minutes per copied disc, so if you have two USB sticks, now is the perfect time to being copying the second discs contents to the other stick for when the first one is done.

If you ever lose the update screen, simply go back to the main navigation map view and press the "options" button and scroll down to find this menu item, which will take you back to the progress bar:

When the first stick is done, you'll see the following screen:

Insert your second USB stick, with the disc 2 contents on it now. If you only have one stick, the process will take longer, as copying the files to the stick takes as long as copying them to the car itself, effectively doubling the time it takes to shuffle the data around.

You'll see another screen when it's time to insert the disc 3 contents, which can be placed on the same stick you used for disc 1, which had its contents replaced while disc 2 was being copied to the car.

Eventually, after about 45 minutes, you'll see what you've been waiting for:

And the car will prompt you to restart the nav system:

That's it.

Here's where I started from:

And here's where I finished at:

I did this update over my lunch break at work and only cost me $100


Luckily, the car is smart enough to remember where its update progress is, so even if you drive around, or the car turns off, when you turn it back on, it'll continue updating, as long as the same stick is still in the USB slot.

You can also use the nav system still while updating, as it copies the files to an update swap space on the hard drive while updating, and only changes the files when it restarts itself.