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mike the snake

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The front kit springs should allow you to go as low as you want. The rears I went with higher rates, so I went with 8" springs instead of the kit supplied (much softer as well) 10" springs.

I got my kit from PSI, and used the Ohlins kit fronts, and Eibach rear springs.

If you choose to run higher rate rear springs, I'd say you're good to go getting 8" rears, I can't comment on the kit-supplied rear springs, they seemed very soft compared to what others were using so I upped the rates to basically match the rates that I saw others using.

Once you figure out the springs, whatever you choose, I can definitely say that the shocks are amazing. I wanted something better than the Koni variants, but less than the JRZ/Moton options, and the Ohlins R&T fit the bill perfectly.