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What is the maximum towing capacity of this car? The hitch is 2000 lbs. I'm pretty sure the 5x8 enclosed will be less than that fully loaded. It's not a V-nose or anything fancy, just a box with wheels and lights. Looking at trailer manufacturer websites, I can't find a 5X8 enclosed that looks like this one and weighs more than 935 lbs. I'll be carrying two sport bikes and a few tools, one empty 5 gallon gas can, a cooler with some food and ice, and that's it. Gear and clothes can all go in the car. I estimated the weight of the bikes higher than they are just to be safe; 420 for the R6 (more like 380 wet since it's a full dress race bike), and 440 wet for my buddy's EX500. If the trailer is 950 lbs empty, which I have some doubts about, that puts me just under 1800 lbs for trailer and bikes alone. That should give me some room to play with any additional things I want to put in there. Figure another 60lbs for a ramp, 40 lbs for my cooler with food and ice, and 50 lbs for a my medium size toolbox.

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