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Originally Posted by ripper0306 View Post
The car isn't registered or neither passed a "control" in Germany ?

So, the car is freshly imported, how can you drive it in Germany.
Did you pay the Taxes when you imported it ?

Can you tell me the whole story, I think I don't get it

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I am sure Rick can answer but I will also chime in.

We fall under NATO SOFA(Status of Forces Agreement) so we have certain tax free privileges, like buying a US spec car's tax free over here or buying certain goods w/o (having to pay)the German 19% tax(MwSt). We get German (cover)plates but we have nothing to answer to the German TUV or tax man or Polizei. We simply pay our yearly registration fee's and get a German tag and have to go thru a yearly safety inspection on base(thru the Army or Airforce).

IF we sell this "tax free" car to a EU citizen... they have to go thru the importation process just as IF they bought a US car in the USA and imported it to Germany. Only the car has never left Germany.

Hope that clears it up for you.