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So...Been on these tires for a short while now and I have no reservation in saying they are magnificent! Took the 1er to the ring last Tues while TDY to spang and ran about a 9:30 stock, I say about cuz my buddy lost hold of his phone and it slid under the seat and he couldn't reach it until we slowed after the gantry and by then it was at about 9:45ish. Anyways the run was perfect and there were very few people. I was on the tail of a Porsche with a rent a race-car VW Scricco behind me and only got passed by a track ready E92 M3. Those were the only 3 cars I saw on my run. Along with that the weather was perfect! Needless to say the PSS's held so well and the level of confidence as compared to the RFT's was ten fold. Got the rear skippin a bit but they were very predictable and recovered easily. Along with this these things are quite sticky. They felt like ducttape after the run, warm quickly and evenly throughout the Ring run. So satisfied!