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1 Year with a 1M - USA

Almost exactly 1 year ago (May 9th) I received a call from my salesman at United BMW. My car had arrived and I didn't waste any time getting down to the dealership to take delivery. With 13K miles on the car now I can say every mile has been JOY. It's been the most versatile super car I've ever owned. I know I'll probably take grief for calling it a super car but how someone defines that term is subjective. A trip to Sebring International Raceway in January to race a 6 hour night enduro solidified it for me. I had never been on Sebring and needed as much seat time as I could get before the race. Practice in the race car was limited so I signed up to DE the 1M in the instructors group the day of the race so I could get my head around the track a little better. Some of you may have seen the videos (below) but I never expected it to be so damn good with just suspension, Epic Tune, and pads. Pulling on GT3 RS's and Corvette Z06's in a 49K car (on street tires) is pretty amazing to me. The Motons really made a huge difference on track. With the very bumpy nature of Sebring the Motons on nearly full soft soaked up the imperfections and allowed me to get on the throttle much earlier then expected. The fact that I drove 12 hours each way with only a change of brake pads and a small adjustment to tire pressures speaks volumes about the 1M's versatility. That, and I got over 31 mpg on the drive to and from the track!

I've done a few things to improve upon the car but overall I haven't wanted to change much.

1) Moton Super Sports (Double Adjustable) with a conservative alignment & proper corner balance by BimmerWorld

2) PFC-01 Brake Pads, and Super Blue Fluid, again from BimmerWorld

Protection and a few extras:
1) Lamin-x Protective film - Headlights, side sills, and rear fender

2) BMW Performance Steering Wheel -

3) BMW Rear Spoiler -

I recently bought a set of 18" ARC-8's with Hankook RS-3's but won't get them on track until Road Atlanta with Chin MotorSports next month. Going over a local mountain last week with a GT3 chasing me showed how good the tires are with some heat in them but I won't really know until I'm on track.

The car has been 100% reliable and rattle free. I have had a few cars that got a lot of unwanted attention and the 1M seems to sneak by most people unnoticed. It's been a good year with the 1M and I can honestly say it's the fastest/best car I've owned. Thanks to the people at M who had the balls to design and then actually get it approved by BMW. There aren't many car companies out there who would build a car that, to me, is somewhat financially risky. BMW, you truly built a cult car, again.

1M Delivered:

Road Atlanta Track Time:

Sebring Track Time:

A few pics from start to present....
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