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Dan Parker

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I have about 250 miles on the street with them. They ride a bit softer and are a bit noisier then stock (to be expected of course). I took the car to Road Atlanta to attend the Walter Mitty races 2 weekends ago so I was able to push the car a bit going over a very sweet mountain drive. They aren't stupid slippery when cold but after pushing them hard for a short time they turn on. I was able to lift on corner entry and get the back end to rotate. I would really prefer to keep them on 100% of the time but with a tread wear of 140 I'm thinking that might be stupid. Near the limit they communicate with a bit of noise so they don't just give up without warning. Overall, I really like them so far. Road Atlanta is June 4th so I'll have video and data (to compare to last year when the car was bone stock) so that should be an interesting comparison, especially if the temps are near 100 degrees like last year.
Dan Parker