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Originally Posted by 1911A145 View Post
You know...

I once considered Germany to be a place I would love to live one day. You, sir, have completly changed my mind... and I thank you. lmao. Those prices wouldnt fly in the US. For a regualr commercial vehicle us Americans (not me, just the general population) will kick their feet and demand a manager is they wait more than 20 minutes to have their oil changed and/or if it cost more than 15 US dollars. The difference amazes me...

Well, I love living in Germany. But yes, there are some quite frustrating things about livng over here. The Germans pay dearly for things we take for granted like cheap fuel and oil and not to mention basic customer service is failry non existant over here!

There is a pretty good book(a thin paperback one!) on living over here. Its aptly titled: The German Way... by Hyde Flippo. he talks about all the cultural differences.