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Originally Posted by morrisryanc View Post
Update on my experience: Gave BMW Customer Service a ring the other day and the rep said my car was code 112. Basically, nothing is happening. The next step is production. My salesman hasn't been that forthcoming with info. He sent me an email yesterday that said the car is still on schedule to be built mid May, but didn't give a privation date. That sucks. I was expecting production to begin early May since I ordered it April 12. In the configurator, the color choice finally changed to the correct colors I ordered. That only took three weeks to update...

Oh well, First World problems to have, right?

I think the root cause of your problem is that when you ordered your car in April, the dealer did not have an allocation available and he kept that information from you. He may have allocation for May so he is waiting for production to begin. His allocation may have been for production week 20 or 21 and so just now your order status has changed to 112 which is "scheduled for production". Good luck !