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Dan Parker

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Congrats from the east coast Bill!

In regards to the RS3's in the rain, I took my car out for a 40 mile drive today in heavy rain. I think the tires are fine in the rain. I intentionally gave it a workout in standing water and didn't think they were unfit at all. Keep in mind they have 250 miles on them so this might change when they are more worn but I have to say they did just fine, even when I shut off electronics and had a little sideways fun. Yes, it was on the street but I was on a road where cows and a few turkeys were the only thing to hit. I went up to around 70 or 80 mph through some sweepers with MDM on and got no flashing lights from the DSC gods. Now, don't go blame me if you ball up your car on RS3's in the rain (my attorney speaking) but I saw no issues with them and they were pretty much cold when I started to "test" them.
Dan Parker