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Originally Posted by pearlwhites
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Seems like this mustang dyno was reading at 12% drivetrain loss, normally mustangs are within 12-15% loss. Dynojet is 10% so thats why your seeing numbers close to a dynojet, because its only a 12% loss not 15%.
Sorry 1rider I'm a bit lost. How do we know what drivetrain loss the dyno was reading? Is that 12% based on what other 1Ms are putting down?
Sorry i meant to say this must be reading at 12% drivetrain loss.

Dyno jets are normally 10% so they read the highest,

Dyno dynamics normally read 18% so there the lowest.

Mustangs are normally in the 12-15% range and seeing how high your numbers are id say it was a Mustang dyno at 12% drive train loss.

And no he is not 380 whp he is 380 crank hp. About 440 crank torque as well.

All in all very nice numbers!