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Originally Posted by pearlwhites
Originally Posted by Gtrain
That wheel tq is kind of surprisingly high. Tuned 1M's are only in the 400-450 range...
Yeah we were all surprised by the tq numbers. Dyno owner said it dyno'd higher than many jb4 cars he has run. It was a cool 57 degrees F that day and other than the cool air, the car is 100% stock.
yea i also saw a stock tune on a full exhaust car, he made 350 wheel and 380 wtq, the tq loseis because it does not have a tune but it its still putting down the same amount as a jb4 map 2 which runs 14.5 psi, the thing about the 1ms tune is it boost very high in the midrange, i dynoed 450 wheel tq which is what a jb4 meth would do and thats because my boost numbers in the mid range. im boosting 17.7 psi midrange which is equal to a jb4 meth boosting 17-18 psi

but it tapers to a jb4 map two boost down to 14psi around high rpms

if you all understand how im putting this together you will understand haha