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Originally Posted by Derek8819 View Post
So I have been looking at the JB4/Cobb stuff lately and I got to thinking. I know the JB4 and Cobb set a maximum number for the boost based on the program you choose. Well....since the the 1M is already set to a higher boost pressure from the factory wouldnt adding something much cheaper like the JB+ or SSTT for another 2psi do the same thing? It seems since it is so easy to plug and play that for 100$ it would be the perfect addition. Anyone?
To put it simply, there is much more that goes into software tuning than boost. Some companies will make more power than others, using lower boost, due to properly calibrated air/fuel ratios, ignition timing, etc.

Our software is currently the only one available which re-calibrates the entire DME, giving you factory levels of drivability and reliability while allowing your ECU to maintain all of the engine's parameters. Not to mention, we are making more power than anyone else I have set to see (keep in mind that this is a Mustang dyno on 91 octane):

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