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Originally Posted by Papethova View Post
I think I saw literature with boost close to 12 (0.8 bar) without the overboost and I think with was 1 bar which is 14.5psi.
Ahh I see. The JB4 boosts close to 14.5 and seems to make more power than the short overboost does (I think), but I guess it also plays with the timing and other parameters. Thank you for clearing that up.

Originally Posted by Derek8819 View Post
Papethova speaks the truth.

I called burger tuning, they said the 1m requires more than a standard JB, he called it a flash type. Doesn't sound right though, I'm thinking he huh ought maybe it had a N55 or something. Doesn't matter though either way. I'm running an EPIC tune currently, just wanted something easier to remove.
Weird, considering nothing burger makes it a flash tune haha. If Terry says no, though, then it's a no. I was just speculating and being optimistic

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