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[quote=yemski;11950231]yup just got them mounted and went for a long drive. No discernible difference in ride quality between the 98Y PS2 and the 100Y PSS. I actually think the PSS is more compliant and the grip is better, but in MDM I can still get the TC light to flash in first and second. I know they need to be broken in for maximum grip though.[/QUOTE

They are brand new tires. You shouldn't even push them to limit before 300 to 500 kms, can be dangerous if you brake hard for example, happened to me because they are still with the protective layer. Be patient and be smooth, they will grip better and better and also will ride smoother than PS2 in every condition.

Another thing I noticed I think they like a bit more air pressure than the PS2 to perform good. You can try different pressures to find the sweet spot. I go with 36 front 34 rear psi for regular city driving.