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Originally Posted by NihonX View Post
I should be doing some dyno runs at my brother's automotive school tomorrow. If I do get a chance to, I will get a dyno of Map 8.

I am nowhere near stock though.
Any word on this? If not, don't worry about it. Like I said, it's not like I'm going out and dynoing this either.

Originally Posted by ParkNuts View Post
I'd think the higher compression would help the N52 make more N/A power
That's entirely possible! I'm just curious to find out.

Originally Posted by BFD99 View Post
Didn't I read somewhere where they ran mid to high 14s in map 8?
I'll try and search for that! Though... I can understand having a dyno run with map 8, but I can't really seem to fathom paying (time and money) for a drag run especially on some of the more crowded tracks. But mid to high 14... A friend's stock nissan maxima ran around that haha.

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