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Originally Posted by sparoz View Post
Yup . M button still works. I honestly don't remember how stock felt, so you will have to search the thread. Love how it keeps pulling higher up the rev range with the tune, but it is still faster to down shift earlier if you are on a straight line.

I am actually tempted to go back to stock just to see the difference. One of the thing bothering me was that 2nd is quite manic and I need to modulate my right foot a bit more carefully otherwise the tail will just slip out. I felt slower on exiting a curve into the pickup lane onto the highway I drive daily.

Tends to skid a little on WOT 1st and 2nd but that's with most tunes.
Thanks for feedback. Before and after dyno would be good if you go back to stock. I see ESS claims 350RWHP (25RWHP increase) as per their dyno chart. Joe's car does 350 just with mid pipes!

Cobb claims 14HP extra.