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Originally Posted by morrisryanc View Post
Just got an email back today from my CA stating that I am production week #23. So depressing. I ordered it on 4/12. I doubt it will be here by July 1 which is when I wanted it for a big beach vacation...I ordered it back in April thinking that it would probably take a while, but not this long. I think what is disappointing/frustrating is that the CA wasn't forthright with the production date. He just kept responding to emails that it should go into production mid-May. I think he knew all along what production week his dealership was allotted and kept that from me so I wouldn't take my business to another dealership who had a better production week allocation.

I will have already missed half the summer without the car (it's a convertible, so warm weather is kinda a big deal for enjoying the top down).

The CA also said in today's email that there was a delay at the factory. He said he'd try to find out more tomorrow. I think it's all B.S. and he's just trying to cover up the fact he had a far off production date allocation.
Hey buddy - sorry to hear about your experience. And not to make it worse but I do believe that your sales advisor is lying. There are no delays at the factory. My car started production 3 days after I ordered it and took all of 11 days for the car to be produced. I just received word that my car is on the ship to Baltimore with an ETA of 5/26. I am disappointed I would miss the memorial day weekend but it's still good timing !

Anyhow, I would recommend you contact North America BMW or the HQ in Munich and complaint to get some incentive from the dealer. That's the least they can do for you. Good luck!