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I like that there is a model above a 135i available now for the enthusiast to identify with. Whenever I see a 335is I think "There's a good chance he's a gear head ..." Thats why I wanted a 1M, a specialty car for the enthusiast in the $50k range that will retain value well and be usable as a daily with reasonable fuel consumption etc etc. I like the idea of a plucky coupe and the 135i is a great car, but something was missing, the 1M was that something. Thank you BMWUSA for putting this together.

Now, it's too expensive, within a few thousand of the base 1M by pulling parts out the bin, good marketing there limiting the 1M then bringing this out.
Now what I would like to I know is that if BMWUSA and other countries could not convince BMW AG to produce more 1Ms despite the huge demand, how can they get this edition approved? Does the availability of a DCT box, a vert and more color options really make the case for more volume that much stronger. If so why not offer a DCT with the 1M?
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