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Timmayfest Caravan (Thursday June 7th) Chicago to Columbus

Well it's that time again for Timmayfest in Columbus Ohio (go here if you have no clue what I'm talking about:

Now a group of us are all planning on traveling together on THURSDAY AT NOON down to Columbus to take part in the festivities. Since Eurocharged is sponsoring dyno tuning on Friday morning a bunch of us are going to go early this year. We will be leaving at 12pm SHARP from the Lincoln Oasis near South Holland just off of 294/80. Because we will be traveling east, we will be meeting on the east bound side. If you are coming in from the East heading West, you will need to pass the oasis and turn around on Halsted, which is the next exit to the West from the oasis.

This is an overview of the route:

We have a few walkies for the ride down (and back) to help with orginazation of the caravan. If you are coming down and want one, I would highly recommend it. The motorola ones can be had for as little as $19.99 on Amazon.

We will be driving safely and at a MODERATE speed this year. Despite most of us have radars we don't want to push getting pulled over again like last year. It's important to behave in a mature manner while cruising on such a long drive. The walkies will help with any communication needed for stops or any alerting to cars in the back of the pack of what is happening up front (traffic, cops, emergency diarrhea attacks, ect..). Please remember to be respectful of those around you and don't do anything careless.

We will most likely make a stop outside of Indianapolis before we hit Ohio for a snack, gas tank fill up and to stretch our legs for about 15 min. Other than that we hope to grind out the trip as efficiently as we possibly can.

I will start a sign up sheet of everyone who will be leaving from the Oasis in Chicago on Thursday at Noon. I will also be sending out some PM's with any more info/details the night before we leave and cell phone numbers for myself and Jake from Eurocharged (loungn14).

If you plan on carvaning with us please sign up so we know who/how many to expect. If you live along the way sign up and let us know where you'll be getting into the caravan along the way.

1. Seth (Eurocharged) - Grey 330i ZHP
2. Jake (Eurocharged) - White E55 AMG

Thanks and hope to see a lot of you out for the meet and the ride down.
-Seth & Jake of Eurocharged Performance