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Originally Posted by Zuzu View Post
True.. the Hot lap with Brabham in the M3 was awesome.. But there is no comparison to the 1M as, never got a Hot lap in a 1M with Brabham, as no 1M available on the day, as you can imagine..

I was referring to my own "limited" track driving experience, driving both the M3 and 1M...( BUT then you already knew that, and just like taking the piss... )
Nah not taking the piss this time, i was serious. When we had a chat at EC (when you bummed the ciggie off me, btw you really shouldn't smoke) I thought you said the m3 was better than the 1m.

honestly I can't imagine stock for stock, a 1m would be better around EC than an m3. Very very different motors and power bands and on that track i'd expect the m3 to be hands down quicker, wakefield though i'd expect it to be very very close with the am out in front.

Just my thoughts though