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Originally Posted by peeti View Post
You can put it further back, but it will block shots off center axis. Think about it, use a laser pointer... if you go off from 0 degrees on center axis, at some point, the slats will block the light. While some laser radiation will still reach it, will the delay cost you the impact that the jammer is trying to achieve? The best place to install them would be in the headlights somewhere toward the center of the car, especially if you don't run a front plate - because if no plate, they aim for headlights.

I seem to remember some R&T or was it C&D test that showed by just turning on your low beams you cut the range down like 40% for when the cop's laser can lock onto your car. And when they ran with high beams on the results were even better. This test was years ago though. I assume the tech has gotten a lot better now.