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I'm interested in the technology but I just set the cruise at 7 mph over and routinely go past officers. I do more highway cruising in rental cars than my cars, however. I think having a loud or otherwise attention drawing car doesn't help. Still I occasionally go faster to avoid having a truck cut me off (again) and am at risk of getting a bad ticket sometime. I am surprised when I look at the peak speed on my GPS (I didn't know rentals could go that fast!). Still I haven't had a ticket in about 20 years.

I like this website for reviews of this kind of stuff:

This guy used to be a police officer and tests equipment with radar and laser devices to see how well it works. If you want to save even more money, at the expense of some coverage, it looks like the Blinder system is still pretty good (possibly good enough for our cars as opposed to a SUV) and is a couple hundred less. Escort's system is apparently noticably less capable than either the Blinder or the Laser Interceptor.

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